Sikuli is a visual technology for GUI automation using images (screenshots). It is created by the authors of the academic paper Sikuli: Using GUI Screenshots for Search and Automation that won the best student paper award at the Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) in 2009. Since its public release in 2010, it has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. Tens of thousands of users are using Sikuli regularly for a variety of purposes such as improving productivity, automating GUI testing, and even gaming. Sikuli has received many praises from its users. Lots of articles have been written about Sikuli. Many companies and organizations have adopted Sikuli. Most significantly, Sikuli even helps create jobs!

Sikuli's impact has been tremendous. This page provides a comprehensive collection of artifacts created by Sikuli users, including videos, scripts, testimonials, articles, and other open source projects built upon Sikuli.

Videos created by Sikuli users

Scripts written by Sikuli users



Mac cleanup

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Testimonials from Sikuli users

  • "I am impressed with the work you did. Sikuli is an excellent tool. Thanks" - Teradici Corp.
  • "My experience now is that not only is it cool, and not only is it useful, but in its present form it's the best and most pleasant tool for several important tasks I encounter." - Andrew Miller
  • "Sikuli has been a great benefit to the automated testing effort at my employer." - Gogii, Inc.
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Articles written by Sikuli users

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